What is HIIT Fitness?

HIIT Training is High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT has been found to have many different advantages over other ways of exercise for fat loss and retaining muscle. Research suggests that high intensity exercise is more beneficial for fat loss than low and moderate intensity exercise (Pacheco-Sanchez et al 18). There are many other studies showing the evidence of high intensity protocols, however, what is even more of a reason to incorporate HIIT into your exercise regimen

would be the amount of time it takes to do HIIT Training.

The number one excuse individuals have to not exercising is “time.” With HIIT there is no excuse for this. Depending on what type of protocol one uses, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to workout.

We use different protocols but you will not workout longer than 15 minutes. Most of the time it is a 12 minutes workout, with a 3 minutes warm up. Becky and I use this method to workout all the time as our schedules are so busy and packed with things to do but we need something effective, simple, and hard enough to get us sweating. 

Every person can take out 12-15 minutes out of their day to workout. Every person should create time to workout and create health, or you will be taking time to go to the Doctor’s to cure disease instead of preventing disease. 

Here is why you should incorporate HIIT! 

  • When you do HIIT Training you are stimulating human growth hormones (HGH) within your body- also known as Anti-aging hormones. When the hormone HGH is increased it stimulates muscle growth by allowing the “creation of protein and makes fats more available as fuel by increasing their presence in the bloodstream” (American Fitness 2002).
  • Brief spurts of high intensity training also shows that it turns on “genes that promote the growth of new blood vessels, make blood vessels more flexible, intensify the body’s defenses against harmful antioxidants, and ease low-level inflammation” (Harvard Heart Letter 2007).
  • When you do HIIT Training you use more energy & you put your body in a state of oxygen debt. This provides a spike in your metabolism and allows you to burn more calories, and your metabolism stays elevated throughout the day unlike longer types of training. 
  • HIIT demands more oxygen for your body and muscles.When this happens your heart must “adapt by raising both heart rate and stroke volume (i.e. amount of blood expelled per heart beat to provide oxygenated blood. Like any muscle trained under high stress, the heart muscle thickens. This increased pumping power, accompanies by an enlarged heart chamber is the main cardiovascular benefit of interval training” (American Fitness 2002).
Here is How You Incorporate HIIT:

1. High intensity bursts should last long enough and be strenuous enough that you are out of breath- 90% of your maximum heart rate.

2. Rest periods should be long enough to catch your breath but not too long where your heart rate slows to its resting rate.


Getting active is vital so you can LIVE with as much vitality as possible, and to LIVE with as much passion as possible. Incorporating different types of fitness is smart to help you not hit a plateau, and to get bored. HIIT provides something different. V

What other types of exercises do you enjoy doing?

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