Say “No” to New Years Resolutions

92% of all New Years Resolutions FAIL! 

Yes – you heard it from me that you should not make New Years Resolutions! 

Here is how I feel – these “Resolutions,” “Statements,” “Ideas,” possibly promises to yourself most of the time don’t continue to motivate us through out the year! The motivation we have when we make the ” Resolutions” doesn’t continue to produce the energy to make it happen or keep it happening for 365 days. 

This is why I feel one should create goals instead of resolutions. I have created goals for this year and goals I want to accomplish in the next 3 years. I feel creating goals instead of resolutions allow more people to succeed in reaching their desired outcome. The reason this I believe this is possible is honestly one’s mindset on what “resolutions”  compared to “goals” represent. 

One might look at resolutions as something that needs to be accomplished in ONE year and then if it isn’t then you are a failure. I feel that this is opposite with goals. Creating goals with different areas of your life creates focus throughout the year. Here are some steps  to help you accomplish reaching your goals you set. 

I use a formula from “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.” 

I list areas of my life. For example I listed: 

1 Year – 2014
Personal Development
Then I listed a few goals that I want to accomplish in the next 3 years. 

Here are some other suggestions Dr. Daniel gives when you are writing out your goals. 
Write your goals as though a year has already passed and they are now reality
Use present tense, positive voice, and first person.
When writing your goals there are other important steps that need to be taken. 
Put a date by each goal.. This way you make sure you are taking action steps every day to accomplish your goals. 
Have a list that you look at everyday. 
Think about how you will accomplish each goal.
Think about possible obstacles you might encounter and write them down and think about how to work around them. 
When you have your goal list, written as they have already been accomplished, and have some of the obstacles written out.  Make a monthly list, then a weekly list on what you need to get done to reach your goals. Review the list weekly and look at it daily. 

The success of you reaching your goals is dependent on you spending time and organizing your ideas, tasks, and way you are going to reach your goals. This is why “Resolutions” don’t work. Not many people spend time organizing their thoughts and tasks to be successful with their Resolutions. They are told just to think about them, or write them out. These two actions are important, but it can’t be just these two. There has to be follow up, you have to adjust steps and actions at times and this is why it is very important to write everything out, and look at it daily and ask yourself, “What am I doing today that will get me closer to my goals?” 

William James said, “Your physical actions are simply the outward manifestation of your inner thoughts. What you see in yourself is what you get out of yourself.” 

This is a great quote, your actions are important but you need to think about yourself, what you think about, and how you think is very important. 

What are some ways you stick with your goals you create?




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