Quitting Is Not An Option!

Are you the type to stop exercising, cancel your gym membership when the holiday season comes around,  just to re-up when January comes around for your New Year’s Resolution? Well don’t. Stick it out through out the holiday season. Remember this isn’t just something you are doing until you loose the weight you want to loose, or get healthy enough to lower that blood pressure to get off that medication. Now all of those reasons and more are great reasons to exercise and to continue to exercise, but don’t stop exercising, don’t cancel the gym membership during this busy holiday season. Don’t stop eating clean, or watching what you eat just because the Holiday’s are here. 

In fact, you need to change it up this holiday season. When you change your routine, or add something different especially during a time when you want to stop you will create more of a desire to keep working out and reach your goals. 

 Even personal trainers have to mix it up a little bit. Becky, the boys and I enter more 5k’s during this season than any other. We even try to get groups together to workout or even workout more together during these times.

 Every person CAN create new habits during a holiday season, and EVERY person CAN keep their current healthy habits. Here are 4 things you can either try new or continue doing to better help you NOT QUIT!

Sign up for a 5K. 

Get a Personal Training session or two to create more ideas for workout routines.

Join a running club, cycling club, or some type of club that has accountability and people with common interests.

Try something different – such as CrossFit, Zumba, Spinning Class. 

Don’t’ Quit This Holiday Season!  If you haven’t started something, this is a great time to start. Why wait until January? Remember this is a journey, never ending journey to better your health so you can be more useful in every area of your life.

What activities that are “active” do you prefer to engage in over the holidays that keeps you healthy? 

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