Best Athletes Choose Shaklee

The #1 Natural Nutritional Company in the United States for over 50 years. Shaklee products exceed the USP standards by over 400% and come with an unconditional purity guarantee! They provide uncompromising excellence with the absolute highest quality natural nutrition products. Shaklee, as determined by the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), is the number one natural […]

What is HIIT Fitness?

HIIT Training is High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT has been found to have many different advantages over other ways of exercise for fat loss and retaining muscle. Research suggests that high intensity exercise is more beneficial for fat loss than low and moderate intensity exercise (Pacheco-Sanchez et al 18). There are many other studies showing […]

Quitting Is Not An Option!

Are you the type to stop exercising, cancel your gym membership when the holiday season comes around,  just to re-up when January comes around for your New Year’s Resolution? Well don’t. Stick it out through out the holiday season. Remember this isn’t just something you are doing until you loose the weight you want to loose, […]

Start Now to Avoid The Holiday Bulge

As a personal trainer and gym owner, I see this every year.  In January, folks come into our facility determined to start working out and lose the weight they gained through the holidays. So this year I thought it would be great to help everyone prior to the holidays to avoid a problem after the holidays. Why […]