Start Now to Avoid The Holiday Bulge

As a personal trainer and gym owner, I see this every year.  In January, folks come into our facility determined to start working out and lose the weight they gained through the holidays. So this year I thought it would be great to help everyone prior to the holidays to avoid a problem after the holidays. Why […]

Nutrition For Athletes

Being a former soccer player I never really understood the importance of nutrition especially between games and especially when I had four or five games in a weekend. With all the research now, I love helping others with their own nutrition but also their children’s nutrition when they are involved in sports. I have done […]

The Foods You Should Be Avoiding!

You see the ad’s all over the place or you hear others talk about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. So many individuals have their facts about what is and isn’t good to put in your body. You are bombarded with commercials on items you know are not the best for you but they […]