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The #1 Natural Nutritional Company in the United States for over 50 years. Shaklee products exceed the USP standards by over 400% and come with an unconditional purity guarantee!

They provide uncompromising excellence with the absolute highest quality natural nutrition products. Shaklee, as determined by the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), is the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. and the only company in the world with proof of the long-term health benefits of its products. And we’ve proven it in the lab with over 100, third-party double-blind, clinical trials published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals.

Shaklee products exceed the World Anti-Doping Agency, the United States Anti-Doping Agency, and the International Olympic Committee standards.

Shaklee has long been far ahead of the curve with testing procedures that far exceed the NSF and USP seal of certification. Shaklee participated on the board that developed dissolution and disintegration standards adopted by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) to provide standards for the NSF and USP for certifying supplements. Shaklee is one of only 14 labs in the entire nation to be selected as a participant in the National Institutes of Health / Association of Analytical Chemists methods development project.

Shaklee Corporation has pioneered the practice of studying the diets of elite athletes and testing products to help make landmark expeditions and record-breaking achievements possible. This research has translated into dietary recommendations and high performance nutritional products for elite athletes and explorers as well as recreational athletes.Shaklee powered athletes have taken home31 Olympic Medals including 17 Gold Medals.

In fact, 8 of Time-Life’s “25 Great Adventures of All Time” were powered by Shaklee Products. Notable Achievements by world explorers include:

Mount Everest Expeditions

Shaklee has helped a number of record-breaking Everest expeditions reach the top of the world, including the first American to scale the mountain without supplemental oxygen.

Steger International Polar Expedition & Trans Antarctica Expedition

Shaklee has been a part of Will Steger’s history-making expeditions for over a decade. The company provided nutritional products and expertise to the first team to reach the North Pole without resupply in 1986. Steger and his seven teammates supplemented the high-protein, high-fat rations of traditional Arctic exploration with Shaklee multivitamins and soup. The explorers used Shaklee Energy Bars to keep them going when they could not stop for a midday meal. Shaklee was the “Official Sponsor of High Energy Foods” for the TransAntarctica Expedition, the first unmechanized traverse of Antarctica.

International Arctic Project

In their three month, 1,000-mile traverse of the Canadian Arctic in the spring of 1995, members of the International Arctic Project, supported by Shaklee nutrition, kept detailed logs of their food and fluid intake as well as their activity and mood/energy states for the first official dietary study of Arctic explorers. Children around the world followed the team throughout their trek via daily e-mail updates from Will Steger.

Solo From The Pole

In 1997, Will Steger made a dramatic attempt to be the first individual ever to go solo from the North Pole. The trek was conducted without the benefit of resupply or sled dogs, with Steger hauling a canoe-sled by a specifically designed harness. Shaklee scientists and nutritionists created a diet and exercise program specifically tailored to this arduous excursion.

Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso & Alcyon expeditions

During both the Alcyon and Calypso Expeditions, Shaklee served as the nutritional advisor for Jacque Cousteau and all of his divers.

Voyager Non-Stop Around The World Flight

In 1986, Shaklee served as the Official Nutrition Consultant to Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan, pilots who powered the first nonstop airplane flight to circumnavigate the globe without refueling. Shaklee designed easy-open packaging for its energy bars and special lightweight powdered foods to meet the pilots’ needs during the ten-day Voyager flight.

The Daedalus Project

In 1998, Kanellos Kanopoulos had only one fuel for his record-breaking seventy-two mile human-powered flight from Crete to Santorini – the maximum endurance sports drink developed by Shaklee with Ethan Nadel of Yale University. Later marketed as Performance(r), it is now a leading product of Shaklee’s sports nutritional line. The drink’s mix of electrolytes and carbohydrates provided easy-to-absorb muscle fuel and quickly replaced the pilot’s lost fluids.

Winter Games

As the U.S. Speed Skating Team’s official product, Shaklee gives the team members the nutritional edge that helped them capture the gold at the 1992 Winter Games. The U.S. Luge Team was also supported by Shaklee nutrition.

At the 1988 Winter Games, the U.S. Curling Team, Men’s Freestyle skier Mat Chojnacki, and Shelly Looney, Forward on the US Women’s Hockey team, all counted on Shaklee Sports Nutrition to help them reach their peak in Nagano.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team

Shaklee served as the Official Nutrition Consultant to the U.S. Ski Team from 1980 to 1988. Shaklee nutritionists worked with the U.S. Ski Team to devise an optimum diet, with three key recommendations: trim fat from 38% down to 25-30% of the diet; boost carbohydrates from 46% to 55-60%; and replace the “empty calorie” snacks with more nutrient-filled choices such as fresh fruit, bread, vegetables and energy bars. In 1984, the U.S. Ski Team achieved their best results at an Olympic competition, winning five medals in Sarajevo. Bill Johnson was the first American man to win a gold medal in the downhill, and finished by Debbie Armstrong in first place and Cristin Cooper in second in the giant slalom.

In 2005, Shaklee is again the nutrition consultant to the U.S.S.A. for all their athletes.

“Shaklee products assist the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding athletes to train and compete in optimal condition. The products are a significant component of our sports nutrition program. Our United States Ski Association (U.S.S.A.) athletes train full time, compete six months of the year, and travel internationally. Our athletes overcome these challenges with help from Shaklee products: Vita Lea®, Performance®, Physique®, Immune Building Complex®, Gentle Sleep Complex®, Multi-Munch™, Meal Shakes, and Joint Health Complex®“ -Andy Walshe, Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Science U.S.S.A.


Summer Games

“I’ve been using Shaklee products for nearly all my life. My mother has been a Shaklee distributor for years. My favorite product is Shaklee Enfuselle Sunblock. When I train, I’m in the sun every day, so my skin take a beating. It protects me from harmful rays and keeps my skin looking young!” -Carla Overbeck, 2000 Olympic silver medalist & member of the Carolina Courage of the WUSA Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Both Team Shaklee riders and individual athletes from around the world were supported by Shaklee nutrition at the Atlanta Games in 1996. These included Phillippine boxers, Canadian rowers, six Team Shaklee cyclists and swimmers as well as Field Hockey and Badminton players from Malaysia. Individuals powered by Shaklee included Ruthie Bolton of the American Women’s Basketball Team, swimmer David Fox, marathoner Linda Somers and Judo champion Damon Keeve.

Team Shaklee members Jame Carney, Jonas Carney, Tayna Dubnicoff, Jim Fisher, Glen Mitchell and Eric Wohlberg, all competed at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, Australia.

Also competing under the Shaklee banner were mountain biker Ann Trombley, Paralympian Chris Wadell, long distance runner Breeda Willis, USA Soccer’s Carla Overbeck and the coach of the US Track & Field team. Plus Gary Hall Jr., Fastest swimmer in the world with 10 Olympic Medals.

“Shaklee is the key to our practice and recovery. Performance® is most helpful on aerobic days when practices can last 3 1/2 hours and without Physique®, I’d have a hard time maintaining the muscle mass I work so hard to build. Our daily routine also includes Vita-Lea, Energizing Soy Protein, CoQHeart®, B-Complex, CorEnergy®, Joint Health Complex®, and Immune Building Complex®-Gary Hall Jr.

“The off-season is when I train the hardest. I’m confident that Shaklee nutritional products and Enfuselle SPF 30 will help give me the ‘set-up’ I need to be successful next season.”-Elaine Youngs, Bronze Medalist USA Volleyball

“Although I was happy with my performance in the 2004 Games, I will expect even better results for the next time around. And the great nutritional foundation I get from Shaklee products will be there every step of the way.”– Nia Abdallah, Silver Medalist USA Taekwondo

Team Shaklee

 Shaklee began sponsoring one of the nation’s top amateur cycling teams in 1988, an affiliation that lasted until the end of 2000. With the help of Shaklee and Shaklee products, Team Shaklee set over ten world records and sent four riders to the 1992 Olympic Games and six to both the 1996 Games in Atlanta and the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia. The cyclists have been the subjects of dietary studies, testing Shaklee Performance sports drink in 1988 and aiding in the 1992 development of the Shaklee Carbo Crunch bar, an energy bar that delivers an ideal mix of carbohydrates, fat and protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

Shaklee nutritionists regularly consult with the riders, studying the cyclists’ diet records and blood tests to make nutritional recommendations. After detecting an iron deficiency in cyclist J-Me Carney in 1991, they reconstructed his diet and Carney went on to compete as part of the 1992 Olympic team. Kent Bostick, the 47 year-old who earned a berth on the 1996 Olympic Cycling Team, is a fabled proponent of Shaklee nutrition.

LPGA & PGA Golfers

 “After 18 holes of fierce competition, a great-tasting Multi-Munch Energy Bar™ gives me the nutrition I need to re-energize for the next round. It’s my hole in one every time.”-Laura Diaz, LPGA Golfer

Top Golfers have been using Shaklee nutrition for quite some time to play their best, train harder, and recover faster. Notable athletes using their products include Annika Sorenstam, Laura Diaz, and several others.

Most golfers supplement regimen consists of Physique for post workout recovery, Performance for hydration, Carbo-Crunch bars on course and during play (because they don’t melt), joint complex to prevent overuse and protect cartilage, and slim plan gold meal replacement for travel.


Natural Body Building

 “Clinically tested nutritional products. That’s why I take the products AND do the business.”-Bobby Brandenburg, All Natural Bodybuilder

Bobby Brandenburg has been involved in wellness, strength conditioning and coaching for more than 30 years. As a competitive bodybuilder since 1981, he has learned through personal experience, education and scientific studies how vital a healthy diet, exercise and food supplements are to people from all walks of life.

Bobby chooses to work with the Shaklee Corporation because of clinical research and testing performed on all nutritional products, ensuring their performance and safety.

Through this opportunity Bobby is able to share his nutritional education. He travels extensively throughout the East Coast speaking at seminars on wellness and sports nutrition.

Bobby believes 100% in the philosophy of obtaining optimal health and lives by two golden rules- “teach others” and “live in harmony with nature.”

His list of accomplishments is extensive including:

  • 1985 Atlantic Coast Championships, Lightweight Class 1st Place, 1st Place Overall
  • 1995 National Championships/N.Y.C., Masters Class 2nd Place
  • 1995 Maryland Open Championships, Masters Class 1st Place, Open Short Class 1st Place, and 1st Place Overall
  • 1998 South Carolina Natural Open Championships, Master Class 1st Place, Open Short Class 1st Place, 1st Place Overall
  • 2000 Delaware Natural Open Championships, Masters Class 1st Place Overall, Best Poser, Open Short Class 2nd Place.
  • 2002 National Championships/Pittsburgh PA, Grand Masters Class 2nd Place
  • 2002 Delaware Natural Open Championships, Grandmasters 1st Place Overall, Best Poser, Open Short Class 1st Place
  • 2004 Elite Muscle Classic N.P.C. Greensboro, NC, 50+ 1st Place Overall

All of these great accomplishments speak volumes about the truly INCREDIBLE quality & efficacy of Shaklee’s Sports Nutrition products!


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