The Foods You Should Be Avoiding!

You see the ad’s all over the place or you hear others talk about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. So many individuals have their facts about what is and isn’t good to put in your body. You are bombarded with commercials on items you know are not the best for you but they are so tempting…right? There is so much out there that it is hard sometimes to keep track of it all, and on the other hand if you stick by what everyone is saying about “food” most likely you will not be a happy camper.

Well, before I get started on educating you on what foods are good and what food are bad, and the reasons on some of them, first let me tell you that if you happen to eat some of these foods every once in a while, it won’t affect your weight loss issues all that much. You just have to understand since you allowed yourself that ice cream, this doesn’t mean you eat cake the next day, then cookies, then well you get the picture right. I understand you have to live and enjoy food, but if the food you are eating is harming you and you don’t even know it, How happy will you be? When you start getting sick or stay sick because your body isn’t able to fight off certain illness’ because you are not fueling your body the right way. How happy are you now?
Benjamin Franklin I believe said “Eat to live, Don’t Live to Eat.” We need to understand food is there for us to enjoy, but most of all we NEED food to survive and that is how we should look at it. Unfortunately we live in a society now that likes it fast, sweet, and large… Consuming these types of foods is not about “eating to live.” Here are some statistics before we get started to help you understand we are killing ourselves with food:
According to the CDC (2007), the main contributors to the obesity epidemic are “physical inactivity and unhealthy eating which results in a number of chronic diseases, including some cancers, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes” (CDC, 2007, p.1).
Having an unhealthy diet and being sedentary “accounts for between 300,000 and 500,000 deaths each year” (Resnicow, Jackson, Blissett, Wang, McCarty, Rahotep, & Periasamy 2005, P. 339)
World Health Organization reports: Approximately 1.6 million adults aged 15+ were overweight in 2006. 400 million adults were obese. The WHO also projects that by 2015 approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese.
These statistics are scary, very scary. So, where do we start, where do you start? You start with your diet. The word diet is not a bad word. I am not talking about starting a diet, I am talking about changing your diet. Changing the way you eat! This is a lifestyle change, not a yo-yo diet craze! With this list, I want you to become educated with what is on the list. Do your own research, and start to take baby steps in reducing these items in your diet.

Jordan Rubin calls his list the Dirty Dozen which is very catchy. I have looked at numerous websites, and books about nutrition, food, what to eat, what not to eat and this list is what everything that I have researched agreed upon.
Hydrogenated Oils
Artificial Sweeteners (aspartame, saccharine, Sucralose)
Milk- Fat or Cream
White Flour
White Sugar
Corn Syrup
Fast, Refined, & Fried Foods

I know this list is hard to swallow, but if you limit your amount of intake in with these types of foods you will see a different not only in your weight, but your health. How you feel, how much energy you have or don’t have. Some have questions about these types of foods, and I will explain more in detail of the research that has been done on these types of foods. Some are just common sense and I don’t need to quote some study about drinking soda, pop (as my wife would say), soft drink would and could cause.
Baby Steps..remember baby steps.. I will explain in separate blog posts, on these foods with the research done from other authors and other scientific research done on some of these foods.

Your Life – Your Health – Your Journey

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