The #1 Food You Should Be Avoiding!

So the last post I put pork as the first food you should be avoiding! Well there is a reason for this. After getting pregnant with Tristan, Becky and I started to do a lot of reading and one book discussed the diet of the expecting mother and that pork was the worse food an expecting mother could eat. We started reading more and doing our research on what expecting mothers’s should and should not be eating, we started seeing more and more that even if Becky wasn’t pregnant these foods are not good for us at all, at anytime, never ever. That is when we started to get away from the theory as many are on, “well since I worked out, I can eat anything I want,” or “I will workout a little harder tomorrow to burn this off.” We started taking into account our health..what was going into our bodies, not just the calories we consumed, or weight we would gain but our health. “It has been said that death begins in the colon. And so does life” (Rubin, 2004).
Becky and I will be the first to tell you that you shouldn’t compromise your happiness and not indulge a little every once in a while Lord know we do; however, in saying this there is a limit in the portion size you are indulging in and how often you indulge in it  (on a side note I have huge portions.. that is my downfall).
So, we are discussing PORK… I know.. I know. but the Ham is so good, yes it is, and I know some of you are saying pork bacon is so much better than Turkey Bacon.. well the Turkey bacon isn’t that bad. Here are my thoughts on it, I am willing to sacrifice the taste of real bacon that I grew up on to benefit my health but more importantly my children’s health.
So, here are some facts about PORK.
PIG- they have a simple stomach arrangement unlike cows, goats, sheep, oxen or buffalo.
Whatever a pig eats goes straight to the stomach, and out the back end in four hours max- – so whatever the pig eats you are basically eating.
PIGS are bottom feeders, scavengers, mobile trash compactors (Jordan Rubin)
Compare the pig’s digestive tract to the cow and the animals listed above. They have essentially three to four stomachs- the alimentary canal, the stomach, and the secondary cud receptacle to “wash and rinse” their vegetarian based diet. Unlike the Pig
Science also tells us that pork digests improperly in the human digestive system. The fat portion of the meat is digested but the remainder of the meat is left to ferment in the intestines.
Bacon-Pork products are loaded with sodium nitrite -Which become nitrosamines in the stomach- one of the most potent cancer causing agents know to man.
Eating Pork products slows down the body’s ability to fight diseases and impairs the immune system.
Right now we are talking about PORK but other bottom feeders that you might want to limit in your diet, again not get rid of totally unless you want but to limit would be crabs, clams, catfish, and lobsters. “Scientists measure pollution in the water by checking the flesh of crabs, clams, and lobsters for toxin levels” (Rubin, 2005, p.35). That is scary right, something that tastes so good has toxins in it, and I know many try to get toxins out by fasting, or taking products to get the toxins out. Or you use safe cleaners so there will be less or no toxins in your home as you clean. But, when you eat these types of food we are consuming toxins. I know it is a lot to handle right now, but baby steps. Let’s take baby steps to get healthy together.
At least you know now, what you do with it is your decision. I want to encourage you to live, be happy, and enjoy yourself. My idea of enjoying my self is having the strength, energy, and vitality at it’s max to enjoy my time on earth. Do I think we can prolong our lives by changing  diet, exercising more? I am not sure, it isn’t likely, only God knows when your time is up, but the question we need to be asking is, “Can I impact the quality of my life up to the moment of death?” I believe the answer is YES… Choose to impact the quality of your life in a positive way now.

Your Life – Your Health – Your Journey

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