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Being a former soccer player I never really understood the importance of nutrition especially between games and especially when I had four or five games in a weekend. With all the research now, I love helping others with their own nutrition but also their children’s nutrition when they are involved in sports.

I have done a lot of research for Nutrition for Soccer Players but I believe that anyone that might be involved in sports can use this information to better their performance in games especially tournaments.

I will be showing examples of what to eat the night before, 3-5 hours, 2 hours or less before and after games. It is extremely important to put the proper food into your bodies before an activity, especially and athletic event and what you put into your bodies in between each game or match is also extremely important.

The night before meal is very important. Eating a meal high in carbohydrates is important to charge you up for the match.

After the match it is important to refuel and help the muscles recoup. That is why having whole grain bread with some type of protein is very important that you get both the carbs and the protein.

If you have protein powders that do this, that is ideal. That way you don’t fill the athlete up too much to where they are tired and sluggish but ready to play!

Before The Match: Meals 3-4 Hours Before Match:

Water – with Shaklee’s Performance
Lean meat sandwiches with fruit
Peanut butter sandwich with banana and crackers
Grilled Chicken
Single patty burgers – (No Fries) Get Fruit cup

Pre Match Snacks: 1-2 Hours Before Match:

Water – with Shaklee’s Performance
Shaklee’s Cinch/ Physique Protein Shake
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Apple, Peach, Orange
Toast with peanut butter
Dry Cereal
Trail Mix
Graham Crackers

Between Matches: Pre Match Meals more than 2 hours apart:

Water – with Shaklee’s Performance
Shaklee’s Cinch/ Physique Protein Shake –
Meals should include both carbs and protein
Lean meat sandwich – Turkey
Nonfat yogurt with cereal
Bagel with cream cheese & a fruit smoothie
Pasta salad
Rice Bowl

Matches less than 2 hours apart

Meals should include mostly carbs
Water – with Shaklee’s Performance
Shaklee’s Cinch/ Physique Protein Shake
Dry Cereal
English Muffin
Dried Fruit
Trail Mix



Shaklee’s Cinch/ Physique Protein Drink
Oatmeal, Low-fat milk and fruit, waffles w/ peanut butter & fruit


Shaklee Snack Bar
Yogurt and Granola, Smoothie with Protein


Shaklee Cinch/Physique Protein Drink
Shaklee Meal Bar
Whole-grain bread with tuna, turkey.
Dinner: Chicken, Steak, or Fish & potato & greens, Spaghetti


I know you have read this and wondering what is Shaklee, or you already know what it is. This is the best product on the market and the one I trust with my family and their health needs. In fact you click HERE to read MY STORY about why we chose Shaklee. If you are interested – you can click on picture below to go to our Shaklee website to look and do your own research.



I would also like you to see this picture of popular Protein Powders that you may or may not buy but have seen and what they have in them. They contain Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury? Mine Doesn’t! You Might Want To Take A Look At Your Protein Powder.

This is why my family uses Shaklee’s Protein and we also use their Performance Hydrate Mix rather than Gatorade. Here is a link on the effects of Gatorade.













I hope this helps you and your children with their Nutrition. Please feel free to comment below! I would love some suggestions if you have found other types of foods good for Athletes.

Your Health – Your Life – Your Journey

Dr. Trey

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