It is that time of year again. Yes – Goal Setting for 2019! I looked back at the blog posts I have written in regards to Goal Setting and there have been a few, but don’t let that fool you. I have written my goals down for many years. In fact I have written them down in my #Nomatic Calander I get every year. In one of the blog post I mentioned a Goal Setting book by Thomas Newberry – Success Is Not An Accident. In this book he lists 10 reason why you need to set goals.

10. Written goals strengthen your character by promoting a long-term perspective
9. Written goals allow you to lead your life as opposed to simply hanging it.
8. Written goals provide internal, permanent, and consistent motivation.
7. Written goals help you stay focused – to concentrate on what’s most important.
6. Written goals enhance your decision making ability.
5. Written goals simultaneously require and build self-confidence.
4. Written goals help you create the future in advance.
3. Written goals he[ you control changes – to adjust your sails, to work with the wind rather than against it.
2. Written goals heighten your awareness of opportunities that are consistent with your goals.
1. And finally, the most important benefit of setting effective goals is the person you become as a result of the pursuit!
The last one Newberry mentions – Number 1 the most important I have come to realize and it makes even more sense after reading John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth. In the First chapter of  Law of Intentionality – Maxwell says; “It occurred to me that if you focus on goals, you may hit goals, but that doesn’t guarantee growth. If you focus on growth, you will grow and always hit goals.” 
This has changed my mindset on how I set goals and the process of setting goals, but more importantly not being just intentional on reaching my goals, but being intentional about the growth that is happening or whether it is happening while working on the goals I have set.

So what I mean about the process of setting goals is when I sit down and think about, and pray about the goals I want to reach in every area of my life – Family, Spiritual, Business, and Financial, I have listed things I want to achieve and just think that I will grow throught the process. I have found that I might grow a little through the process, but my focus is reaching, achieving that goal, not the growth that comes with it.

So this year I am changing the process. I am listing goals with a Growth Mindset! I want to Grow in those areas of my life, not just achieve goals I want to reach. I don’t want to just haphazardly write down goals I want to be Intentional with what my mind is focusing on. I am prepping my mind on what to focus on intentionally so I know and see that I am grow and at the same time striving to reach my goals.

Do You Write Your Goals Down?

Where do you write them down?

If so do you see them everyday?


Try writing them down in a planner so you can see them everyday.

God Speed

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