I am getting a lot of questions about allergies and allergy relief. Many of my clients and co-workers are complaining about their allergies, and the symptoms that come with their allergies or come with this time of year.   I myself have struggled with allergies and sometimes still do. It all depends on what I am […]

Other Essential 5 You & Your Family Need!

The Other 5 Essential Supplements you NEED for you to run at optimum level’s are also very important. I know you are thinking that you might need this many, however, let me just help you understand why you need them for a second.  As many of you know and as I recently posted in the […]

This Could Be Making You Sickl!

The cold has already come and gone, but more is on the way. Most individuals when they get sick do not realize their Vitamin D level are low. If you went and had your Vitamin D levels checked I am sure they will be low!                                                                                          Click Bottle For Link! When Becky, the boys and I […]

6 Things You Should Be Doing During The Winter Months

The winter is coming and ARE YOU READY for the colds, sneezing, coughing and all the other great things that come with the time change and cold weather? If not we can help. It isn’t very hard to be PREVENTABLE and in a case where someone does get sick have certain things on hand so […]