So Becky and I have learned this lesson a long time ago especially when it comes to our children. I know a lot of parents have many problems with their children when it comes to eating habits, attitudes, the way they speak to others (esp. when they are angry), activity level, etc.. I mean I could go on and on.

I know I have an issue which my youngest has picked up from me. When I get annoyed or angry, or frustrated no matter what it is, I just have the “angry voice.” Yes, it isn’t really yelling but my voice tone and they way I speak isn’t very productive or nice. How many of you like to be spoken to with that kind of voice? Not me.. I don’t like hearing him speak like that to his brother or others. But, I can’t discipline because his “daddy” does it. I simply let him know that we don’t speak like. I think he does this unconsciously because it is a learned behavior, or reaction to something he has seen over and over again.
So, let’s focus on the positive’s that your children are learning from you and let’s see if we can multiply the right choices you are making so your children continue to learn from your behaviors. Think about what you do that your children do that is positive and are good choices. This will encourage you.

For example, Sunday morning something really hit me that my boys really learn by US doing… Becky and I are so into fitness, whether it be Pilates, Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Soccer, etc… and our boys have been imitating us for the past three to four years especially when it comes to Pilates or stretching. My five year old when he was three was doing Pilates on the floor. It is the cutest thing. Now he is doing Monkey Jumps… We were on a bike ride, he got off his bike started doing Monkey Jumps, went to the ground to do a Plank- turned around lifted his hips! I was loving it!

Over seven years ago despite being very active, personal trainers and Pilates certified we weren’t very strict with our lifestyle when it came to what we ate. We were not educated but we started reading and doing the research and this changed so much for us. It changed us, so by us doing this, living this type of lifestyle and encouraging our children as we live it they learn from us. They know more about what is out there now.. i.e. ice cream, cake, candy, etc… and YES we have those things in moderation but we explain why we don’t have them and we live it.

Not everything I do is a positive influence on my children because I am a flawed person; however, I personally am trying to change how I react and speak when annoyed or angry  with my children so they are more gentle when they speak especially when they are angry, annoyed, or frustrated. We all have habits that are not a positive thing and the one thing we do have control over in this uncertain world are the choices we make and the decision to change. So, let’s change our unhealthy habits with healthy ones so we can be a positive influence for the people around us, and the little eyes that are constantly on us.

Your Life – Your Health – Your Journey

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