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Thank you for visiting our blog and allowing us to help you, guide you, and encourage you in your Journey to health. Becky and I are excited and passionate in helping individuals and families take control of their health and create a healthier lifestyle so each of you can be more useful in others lives and your area of influence. There are many resources here for you to live a happier and healthier life. If you need to contact us, please do not hesitate.

Here is a little bit about each of us.

Becky Himes has been involved in athletics all of her life. In high school she was a stand out volleyball and basketball player. After graduating she attended a small two year college and played volleyball. After, college she became a licensed and certified massage therapist and continued her education in learning more about the body and helping others and became a Certified Personal Trainer. She has been training others for 15+ years now. In this journey for her, she has also been trained in both Mat and Equipment Pilates, and has also been certified in MVe Peak Pilates Method out of Colorado. Not only is she a wonderful trainer and her clients love her, but she is an incredible mother of two and an amazing spouse.




I was certified as a personal trainer in 2002. I have played soccer and volleyball in high school and college. While earning my  Master’s in Guidance Counseling I worked with a Crisis Pregnancy Center doing Motivational and Educational speaking in the area of Abstinence Education in the Palm Beach County Schools. After receiving my Master’s degree I started work in the Palm Beach School District for three years as a Guidance Counselor before moving up to Central Florida with Becky and my and oldest son to work in the insurance business with his father.

Managing the Life & Health Department I continued to work on my education and in 2010 finished my Dissertation and  earned an Ed. D in Counseling. I have researched Obesity and the affects of obesity in our society for my dissertation, and with this research my passion has grown  in helping individuals achieve success in preventing disease and creating a healthier lifestyle.

We hope and pray that with the information provided on this blog that you too can achieve the desired health that you are capable of.

 Here Is Our Story:

 In the fall of 2009 I got sick, so sick that i was in bed for two weeks straight. I lost 30lbs in a matter of weeks. Not understanding what what going on, we had MRI’s, CAT scans, and nothing was showing up. I even went to the emergency room after the first week and they diagnosed it as a pinched nerve. After going to the Dr. a week later they admitted me into the hospital with my left shoulder area swelling. The surgeon decided to do surgery at 9pm, to drain an abscess that had formed under my muscle. The abscess was as large as a small football, and it looked like an octopus with tentacles everywhere. In fact it was so large it was pushing my larnex over. After three weeks in the hospital, I had a long road of 12 weeks of antibiotics, and 60 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber to heal my infected bone, blood infection, lung infection (bacteria from hospital).

After I got sick, Becky and I decided we needed to take a good look at how we were supplementing our diets. We ate very clean, we watched what we ate, we exercised, we were in great health, but that still didn’t matter, I got sick, something entered my body even though I was healthy. In fact the Dr.’s said, if I were not in as good as health as I was, I would of been dead! He.. the Hematologist said I should of be DEAD!

Well this made us think a lot harder on what was going into our bodies. We looked at many different companies that sold supplements, and we blessed up with Shaklee.

There were many reasons why, but one of the biggest influences was The Land Mark Study that sh owed real science, real studies that people that were on Shaklee were healthier. Now this isn’t just a landmark study, it is PERSONAL.. I am happy to say that I am healthier than I have ever been. My immune system is stronger, I have more energy, my lean muscle is back and I am feeling great. In the last two years I have not even had a Dr.’s appointment.

I have posted a video of the nurse changing my bandages. God is good, and He gives our bodies ways to heal and get healthy. We jut have to put the right things in. Shaklee and the people involved with my healing have been an answer to all my prayers.

God Healed Me.. Shaklee has kept me out of the hospital!





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